The Operations Department is responsible for the monitoring of the fleet's performance and taking care of vessels' needs while at sea or in port.

The Operations people try to foresee and provide solutions to all the problems that may arise and can have an adverse effect on the smooth operation of the ships. The department maintains constant communications with the Ship Masters and agents worldwide and takes all the appropriate steps to keep cater their every need.

Moreover, it monitors the daily operating costs of the fleet and in close co-operation with the Supply Department, makes sure that all vessels are provided with the necessary deck stores, provisions, paints, spare parts, etc.

In addition, the operations department has the overall supervision of the Crew Department.

Last but not least, this department is charged with the safety of the ships and their crew members, by making sure that all necessary safety items are provided on a regular and scheduled basis and by upholding a quality control system using the International Safety Management (ISM) Code as its backbone.

Keeping in close contact with Chartering department advising Brokers with vessel's movements and expected dates of completion of present voyages and bunkers ROB.

• Studying agreed C/P clauses of taking necessary action to protect our principal's interests.

• Planning the refueling of each vessel for her employment needs to ensure the most competitive prices are obtained.

• Taking all necessary information for load port and disport. (Peculiarities, restrictions, requirements).

• Monitoring cargo and ballast plans, passing to Masters proper instructions regarding cargo details, bunkering schedule; C/P main terms, peculiarities, restrictions, requirements for load port and disport, ensuring that charterers voyage instructions are implemented.

• Tendering ETA notices to Charterers, Agents and Parties concerned on behalf of Master, if required, till Master has received the necessary voyage instructions.

• Appointing agents for each port. Arranging for cargo Surveyors to attend cargo operations on owners side.

• Keeping charterers advised on vessels positions.

• Informing Technical/Crew/Purchasing/Marine departments for vessels next voyage.

• Giving to Masters special instructions depending on trading area.

• Interviewing Masters/ Chief Officers

• Updating position list and passing any unexpected change of schedule to the other departments in order to coordinate supplies, crew changes, inspections etc.

• Member of Emergency Response Team.

• Is in continuous regular communication with the Master and Chief Engineer to ensure optimum performance of equipment and machinery.

• Responsible to prepare the survey planning and present the vessel in time for various classification surveys and to have all certificates clean and valid.

• Coordinating the hired teams employed by the Company to carry out cleaning and repairs work or deck/ tanks maintenance, for efficiency/ quality and time spent advising Fleet Manager as required.

• Evaluating weekly updating reports from vessels and updating file with progress/status.

• Handling disputes with Charterers/agents etc

• Checking the port agents account for any wrong and/or inflated charges.

• Dealing with union problems.

• Verifies that all documents of crew are correct and complete before departure.

• Sees to it that all crew members requested by the masters join on time.

• Maintains computer data regarding office staff visits onboard vessel.

• Is in continuous regular communication with the Master and Chief Engineer to ensure optimum performance of equipment and machinery.

• Regarding Paints/Lubricants he co-operates with the Purchasing officer and the Technical Manager in order to propose quantities to be ordered, place orders with the contracted supplier after obtaining Fleet Manager's

• Participates, when required, in the investigation of accidents, security incidents, near misses, NCRs, for preventing re-occurrence.

• Organizes vessels pre-purchase inspection, delivery / undelivery, cargo surveys, bunker surveys.